Beneficiary organisations

Implementation of multiple post-use plastics recycling facilities for waste free islands.

Banana crop organisations Peru and Dominican Republic

Procure and deploy production lines for recycling of used foils into cornerboards.

Recycling company

Procure and deploy democentre for manufacturing products from polymer recyclates and development of moulds.

Entrepreneurs Senegal

Conduct workshops about plastics recycling and deploy recycling machines for local entrpreneurs.

Portable recycling machines

Development of portable recycling machines and moulds for educational and demonstration purposes.

University of Applied Sciences

Development of new projects regarding lightweight thermoplastic composites, and the project management thereof.


Plastics recycler

Development and conducting training ‘Introduction to polymers and recycling’.


Centre of open innovation

Development of collaboration projects for closing the loop and recycling of polymer materials.


Innovation consultancy organisation

Development innovation clusters for recycling, biopolymers and composites.


Project management office

Feasibility study to the processing of end-of life wind turbine blades and composites by the use of pyrolysis.


Windturbine blade manufacturer

Project management of multiple R&D teams improving production cyckle times of windturbine blades (worldwide). Efficiency improvement: > 20%. Also development of a calculation tool for the analysis of production scenarios.


Composite laminate manufacturer

Development of Resin Infusion Moulding processes using lean principles. Structuring and improving workplaces (5S). Set-up of supply chain management. Efficiency improvement: > 10%.


Crates injection moulder

Changeover time reduction of robotised injection moulding and assembly lines with improvement teams. Standardisation of way of working during preparation and execution (a.o. SMED). COT reduction:> 60%.



Development of a universal kit for pico hydropower equipment in remote areas. Development of fibre reinforced casing, laser cutting RVS precision parts and electronic control.


Industrial consulting firm

Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Total Productive Maintenance. Development trainings and workshops.

Turbine manufacturer

Development and implementation of the production control administration in China. Analysis of processes, employment of software and handling over with workshops. Als (in NL) the optimisation of service proposals for the business unit Services.


Salads manufacturer

Setting up of a TPM based improvement organisation. Consulting the management and coaching SGA teams regarding a.o. OEE introduction, change over time reduction, autonomous maintenance. Annual savings:  > 500.000 euro.


Injection moulder

Change over time reduction of 50 injection moulding machines, working with SGA teams. Standardisation of way of working during preparation and execution (a.o. SMED). COT savings: > 50%.


Baby nutrients manufacturer

Optimisation of line performance with improvement teams.


Multiple factories in plastics, food, metal and wood industries

Performing World Class Manufacturing scans and setting up op improvement programs with these scans. Coacing of improvement projects regarding a.o. 5S, lean deployment, systematische layout planning (SLP).


Consulting firm

Supporting clients with the planning and budgetting (incentives) of innovative industrial and ICT development projects in NL and in Europe. Examples concern off-shore anchoring technology, sustainable galvanic coating processes, internet technologies, energy distribution technologies, and industrial Safety & Control technologies.


Artificial turf manufacturer

Development of new generation artificial turf concepts. Making the surface characteristics measurable. Setting up new concepts in collaboration with plastics suppliers and users (sportsmen, physio therapists). Also the determination of the processing conditions for the fixation (relaxation behaviour) of plastics deformations. Optimisation of producion using experimental design.


Hose pump manufacturer

Investigation of failure modes of fibre reinforced elastomer hoses. Analysis of fatigue behaviour, finding production causes, setting up measurements with different sensor systems.


Phase change heating concepts

Analysis and design of a thermal cushion and a heating unit for phase change products.


Tourist education

Development and deployment of students administration database.

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