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Corporate Social Responsiility

Triple Benefit believes in circularity and social responsibility. Therefore directive ISO26000 has been implemented. Fur furher compliance with the ISO26000 CSR guidelines, please check out our 'Publications'page'.

Sponsor projects

In 2011 the serial production was started of a Pico Hydropower kit. The kit is specially designed to host almost any type of car alternator. It can easily be connected to a penstock pipe. Annual power production amounts to 1750 kWh. Parallel installation of multiple units is simple. Annual energy production amounts ot 1750 kWh. It is possible to install the multiple kits in parallel.

Click here to see a video of this technology. Download here the report of the installed technology.

Earlier projects are:

  • Development and implementation of the prototypoe of the Pico Hydropower in Nepal for Stichting Veldwerk, delivering power to a children home with 100 habitants.
  • Development and implementation of a pulsating pump, to deliver water over large distances using kinetic enrgy from the river water. External power is not needed.
  • Design of a helophyte filter to clean waste water, without the use of additional energy.

Download  the installation guide of the PHP kit here. 

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